Patch Determined To See It Through

by Olivia Furgele, Special Contributor to the 228

There are 20 Horses in Kentucky Derby 143, But One is Special

The Kentucky Derby is a race for all Americans.  Each year, 20 horses are allowed to run in the race.  This year, there is one horse that is different than the others.  His name is Patch and like the rest, is three years old. Last year Patch developed an ulcer in his left eye. They tried to treat it, but sadly, it had to be removed.  This puts him at an disadvantage in the race.  He won’t be able to see horses coming on his left.  The oddsmakers do not think Patch has a good chance to win.  He is expected to be given odds of 35-1.

My father is obsessed with horse racing and because of him, I became interested in it. This is a great story because once people hear about Patch and his one eye, many will be rooting for him to win this big race.  I found this story interesting because it is very hard to make it to the Kentucky Derby, let alone making it with such a severe disadvantage. Watch this Satrurday to see if Patch can pull it off.

Olivia Furgele is the daughter of John “The Real 228,” Furgele and though she is reluctant to say it, likes her father.


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