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NFL Bowl Bids Released

December 7, 2011

by John Furgele

To nobody’s surprise, the Green Bay Packers are number one in the polls and thus, are the top ranked team heading into the NFL bowls.  The Pack will play New England in the Rose Bowl, while number 2 San Francisco at 10-2 heads to the Sugar Bowl to take on the Baltimore Ravens.  There will be 8 bowl games this year, and one bowl eligible team, the New York Giants were not selected to a game this year. 

Here are the matchups:

Rose:  Green Bay (12-0) vs. New England (9-3)

Sugar:  San Francisco (10-2) vs. Baltimore (9-3)

Orange:  New Orleans (9-3) vs. Pittsburgh (9-3)

Fiesta:  Dallas (7-5) vs. Houston (9-3)

Outback:  Atlanta (7-5) vs. New York Jets (7-5)

Capital One:  Chicago (7-5) vs. Denver (7-5)

Gator:  Detroit (7-5) vs. Oakland (7-5)

Holiday:  Cincinnati (7-5) vs. Tennessee (7-5)



NFL Bowl Bids Coming

December 1, 2011

by John Furgele

What if the NFL was run like college football?  What if, after 12 games, teams were selected to play in “NFL Bowl games, ala the Orange and Rose Bowl?  Well, next week, I will have my annual NFL bowl pairings that you all will look forward to.

Stay tuned to Johnny228.