Road Kill

by John Furgele

Somewhere from above, Willie Stargell is smiling, so too, is Dave Parker and the rest of the” We Are Family Buccaneers”, the last road team to win a World Series Game 7.   In fact, as long as the roadies continue to lose these games, the now laughable Pirates will continue to get mentioned as the last roadie to conquer home opponent in a World Series finale.

Texas took a quick 2-0 lead, but after that, they went into a baseball coma, as the Cards, behind World Series MVP David Freese scored six unanswered runs to bag thier 11th world championship. 

The win ends an improbable run for the Redbirds, who played well down the stretch, and let’s be fair, needed a monumental collpase by the Atlanta Braves just to make the postseason.  The Red Sox collapse received more attention, but don’t kid yourself, the Braves was as bad, if not worse. 

As for the Rangers, they just couldn’t the 27th out and after taking a two run lead in the 10th, couldn’t get the 30th out, the outs they needed to capture their first title.  It will sting them for a long time, forever, unless they come through and win it all.  Of course, that’s what makes baseball great.  No taking a knee, no running out the clock, no scrubs checking in for garbage team, no clock.  You have to get the outs, or simply put, you don’t win. 

It was a compelling series that saw Albert Pujols have an epic game (don’t forget his leadoff double in the 9th in Game 6), Derek Holland pitch a gem, and David Freese become a household name, along with Allen Craig.  And, it also had the classic game in Game 6, a game for the ages.  Game 7 didn’t have the drama, but after Game 6, that would have hard to replicate. 

It is all over for now.  Pitchers and catchers will report in 13 weeks.


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