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Les Miles Lucks Out

October 4, 2010

by John Furgele

Let’s give Les Miles credit for a few things.  One, he has passion.  Two, he can recruit.  Three, he can motivate.  All of these are vital to be a successful head of a college football program and Miles excels in these areas. 

But, Miles is absolutely atrocious as an X and O guy—-pitiful.  At least three times per year, Miles goofs with clock management and play calling, as evidenced last year against Mississippi and Saturday against Tennessee.  But, because of the incompetence of Vols coach Derrick Dooley, the BTigers escaped with a 16-14 SEC victory. 

Most will say that the 13 player on the field that gave LSU a second chance to grab victory from the jars of defeat was the key play, but go back a few minutes earlier.  LSU faced a 4th and 9 from the Vol 28 yard line.  The Vols were showing blitz, they were ready to come after the quarterback.  But, LSU takes a delay of game penalty—-more brilliance by Miles—-so now, they face a 4th and 13.  Rather than blitz, the Vols sat back and watched as LSU converted the 4th down play which would help lead them to victory. 

Miles got away with one, X’s and Os be damned.  But, college football coaching isn’t all about Xs and Os.  Ask Charlie Weis.

Temple continues to ascend in college football.  The Owls beat an improving Army team 42-35, rallying from a 28-13 third quarter deficit at Michie Stadium.  Temple is emerging as top 50 program in the nation.  They are 4-1 and appeared poise to make a run at the MAC title and presumably another bowl game.  They gave Penn State all they could handle, before bowing 22-13 and have come a long way since being kicked out of the Big East.

I do find it funny how most experts are now anti-Boise State.  When Boise State finishes the regular season undefeated, these experts cry that they were denied a shot at the fake BCS championship.  These are the same people that also think that the 2010 Broncos don’t deserve to play the 2011 game because of their weak nonconference schedule.  Obviously, they can have it both ways.  It’s the Dick Vitale Syndrome.  Cry for the little guy until it’s time for the big boys to play, then get quiet.

I’m not sure a 12-0 Boise State team should play in the BCS Championship Game, and I really don’t care, because I don’t take the BCS title game with any bit of seriousness.  We know that regular season college football is great and we know that bowl game college football is good, but the myth that is the BCS “National” Championship is just that—-a myth.