Good Job by College Football

by John Furgele

The NCAA announced that college football playes can no longer wear eye patches with messages on them and I say, it’s about time.  From Reggie Bush’s area code to Tim Tebow’s religious overtones, it was getting out of hand.  Why can’t the players just be players?  And, don’t get me started about these players being exploited.  They don’t have to play if they don’t want to.

What we learned from the Masters is pretty simple.  The Augusta course suits Phil Mickelsen’s game very well and Tiger Woods, despite his attempted image makeover is still Tiger Woods.  He will continue his boorish behavior because that’s who he is.  He is arrogant, smug and self-centered, qualities that made him the world’s best golfer.  You can’t expect a leopard to change his spots.  And, being treated for sex addiction is just laughable. 

As for Mickelsen, he no longer has to worry about his legacy.  The man has won four majors playing alongside arguably, in Woods, the best player in history.  To me, if Mickelsen could bag a British or United States open, he would cement an already fabulous career.  His PGA Championship win is a major, but for some reason, the U.S. and British titles have more cache. 

The NFL needs to come down hard on Ben Rothliesberger and Roger Goodell knows it.  Goodell better not hide behind the “no charges were filed,” line because he knows that won’t fly.  And, if he lets Rothlieberger off the hook, the race card will come into play and I would have a hard time arguing with Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton on this one.  At the very least, he should be suspended for four games.  This is the third time Rothliesberger has been involved in alleged sexual assaults.  Does he have a problem?  Perhaps, but the NFL needs to act decisively here.  The league does not rely on big names to be successful, there is no Michael Jordan of the NFL.  Rothliesberger is guilty of bad judgement if nothing else.  Plaxico Burress shot himself and ended up in jail, is that worse than what Rothlieberger is accused of doing?

The media will do its best to ignore the best playoffs in all of sports, but you can’t argue how great the NHL playoffs.  Just one game in and the favored Penguins, Devils, Capitals and Sharks are already down one game, all losing on home ice.  All eight opening games were decided by one goal.  Compare that to the NBA where the home team will win by 20 points, then goes on the road and loses by the same 20 points.  But, I understand that the NHL will never be accepted in places like Mississippi and Louisiana and New Mexico, so you have to accept that.  But, if you want to watch intense, fast moving action, the NHL is where it’s at.  And, unlike the NBA, where you know that the champion will be one of three to four teams, there is no clear cut favorite int he NHL playoffs.  And, the Stanley Cup remains the coolest trophy in all of sports. 

Lastly, only two weeks before the Kentucky Derby.  Do you have your favorite yet?


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