Quick Thoughts: October 19, 2009

by John Furgele

-Is Charlie Weis done?  In five years, he still doesn’t have a signature victory?  He may have skilled players on offense, but his defense continues to be porous.  Next week, the Catholic Bowl at home versuse Boston College.  Coming close to beating USC doesn’t get it done and Weis has many deterents in South Bend.  Jon Gruden would be a great face for Notre Dame football and by the way, he is available.

-Everybody is hyping Florida, Alabama and the SEC, but Florida can be had, and Arkansas had them on the ropes in Gainesville on Saturday.  Don’t automatically write in two 12-0 teams in the SEC Championship Game just yet.  If the SEC is as good as everybody says, then both teams should lose at least one game.

-Good to see Ohio State lost at Purdue.  Now, they won’t get an at-large BCS bid.  Like Notre Dame, they haven’t beaten a better team in years and Terrell Pryor is just not a good thrower.  They may still win the Big Ten, but they’re not a top flight team.

-Boise State is overrated as well.  They are a legitimate program and it is time to get rid of the blue covered turf.  You don’t need the attention anymore, so, if you want to be taken seriously, let’s go green.

-What has happened to the Tennessee Titans? 

-The Bills have set pro football back fifty years in the last two weeks.  After losing 6-3 to Cleveland they needed overtime to beat the Jets 16-13, AFTER getting six interceptions from Jets passers.  As for Mark Sanchez, it may be time to watch a coupls of games from the sidelines. 

-Based on the first two games of the ALCS, it just may be the Yankees year.  They already have a great lineup and now they’re are getting some good breaks and A-Rod is finally on post-season fire.  I’m not saying they’re lucky, but good teams have the karma and the lady luck that goes with karma and right now, they have it. 

-Once again, censorship has hit the media.  The United Football League has played two weeks and most newspapers have ignored it.  Yes, space has become limited for most of our nation’s newspapers, but why does media choose to ignore sports leagues.  Why can’t they run a piece or two about the UFL?  Ditto for Major League Soccer.  That league has been around since 1996 and still can’t get a 60 second hightlight package, yet ESPN will spend 10 minutes talking about Donovan McNabb’e ribs.


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