Name Change for BCS Title Game

by John Furgele

Because the BCS Championship Game is not really a championship game, I will now refer to the game by its new and proper name:  the Miami Bowl.  The Miami Bowl will pit the Oklahoma Sooners and the Florida Gators, two very good teams, but are the better than Utah, Texas and Southern California?

After the Miami Bowl concludes, I will look at all of the bowl results and vote for the team that I think deserves to be the number one team in the Johnny228 poll.  Utah made quite an impression on Johnny228 and their win hurts Florida, because the Gators win over Alabama is now not as impressive as it once was.  And, Oklahoma’s case loses some steam because of how Mississippi beat up Texas Tech in the Cotton Bowl.  Mississippi also beat Florida in Gainesville, but I’m not sure if that helps Florida or hurts them.  It should also be pointed out that USC lost at Oregon State, a 9-4 team that beat Pittsburgh in the Sun Bowl.  They also beat 10-3 Oregon, who beat Oklahoma State (9-4) in the Holiday Bowl.

The Miami Bowl should be part of the championship equation, not the total equation.  Johnny228 will watch the Miami Bowl carefully and if the game is a classic, the winner will get high consideration for the Johnny228 Championship. 

But, unlike the BCS, it will not be the be-all, end-all.


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