Tiger: Do the Right Thing

by John Furgele

Has there ever been a more annoying caddie than Steve Williams, the bag carrier of Tiger Woods?  In addtion to yelling at patrons, breaking their cameras and all the other things  he’s done, he now says in an interview that Phil Mickelson is a “prick.”   Why he was interviewed in the first place remains a mystery, but he needs to be stopped.

Let’s hope that Tiger Woods suspends Williams for a few tournaments when he comes back from his knee injury.  Woods doesn’t say much and never says or does anything controversial, so I don’t expect him to do or say much here, but he should do the right thing.  Talk to Williams, explain that this behavior will not be tolerated and suspend him for a month or so with no pay.  I would consider firing Williams outright, but in the end, a suspension is warranted. 

Allowing this to go with no consequences is bad for Woods, bad for golf and bad in general.  Come on, Mr. Woods, show everybody your above the fray here and suspend you caddie.


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