Mock Schedule: Navy and Army in 1-AA CAA.

by John Furgele

Both Army and Navy have announced plans to drop to Division 1-AA and join the Colonial Athletic Association (CAA).  The CAA, which currently has two divisions and 12 teams, will now have 14 teams in its two divisions.  Army will play out of the CAA North, while the Middies will toil in the CAA South.  Despite being in different divisions, Army and Navy will play each other every year, however, that game will be moved up to the Saturday before Thanksgiving to accommodate the 1-AA playoffs.  Here are the schedules.


South Division opponents:  James Madison, Delaware, Richmond, Villanova, William and Mary, Towson

Crossovers:  Army, Rhode Island.

Nonconference:  Air Force, Notre Dame, Duke, Southern Methodist.

How many game would the Middies win?



CAA North Opponents:  Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Hofstra, Maine, Northeastern, Rhode Island.

Crossovers:  Navy, Villanova.

Nonconference:  Tulane, Texas A&M, Buffalo, Rutgers

How many games would the Black Knights win?


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