Oh, Roger

Wade Boogs had Margo Adams; Steve Garvey had…several women, and even old teddy bear Charles Krault had a road companion, so does it really come as a surprise that Roger Clemens allegedly had a 10 year relationship with country singer Mindy McCready?  According to the New York Daily News, the Rocket met McCready when she was just 15, and then the two carried on an affair for 10 years before it was allegedly ended by McCready in 2006.

Is this a big deal?  Probably not, but Clemens is suing former trainer Brian McNamee, and McNamee’s lawyers appear primed to attack the character of the Rocket.  In the end, it does not look good for Clemens.  Most believe that he used steroids and the fact that he “misremembered” being at the now famous Canseco cocktail party,  the fact that Andy Pettitte is all forgiven because he told the truth already painted the former Red Sox into a corner.  Now, that he has been linked to McCready and once again, will deny it, will not help him both in real court and the court of public opinion.

Clemens needs to go away more than ever, but something tells me he will continue to dig in.  I don’t know who is more denial:  Clemens or O.J. Simpson.

John Furgele


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