Giambi is Yankees’ Biggest Problem

Forget about what to do with Joba Chamberlain.  The Yankees’ biggest problem has been Jason Giambi, who dating back to last year is batting just .174 in his last 53 games.  No longer fortfied with steroids, the Giambino has proven that he is done.  He also cannot play first base.  The other day, Andy Pettitte picked off a baserunner, but old Jason made a poor throw—again—to second base, and the runner was safe.

Giambi is in the final year of a seven year contract.  The Yanks shoould cut him loose and admit that the Giambi Era was not their finest moment.  Shelley Duncan, currently ripping the cover off the ball at AAA Scranton deserves a chance at first base.

If the Yankees were wise, they would move Derek Jeter to first base next year.  He turns 34 in June, and and 6-3 and athletic, he would pick up the position well.  When Jeter was hurt, watching Alberto Gonzalez play shortstop made it obvious that The Captain does not have the range anymore.  I never believed the sabremetricians when they stated that Jeter had the worst range of any American league shortstop, but seeing Gonzalez made me believe it.  Jeter, despite being a team guy would likely balk at moving there. 

Jorge Posada will be 37 this year and despite catcher production falliing off dramatically after age 35, the Yanks gave him a four year deal.  Right now, he can’t cacth because he has a tired arm, even though tests have shown nothing, but that’s what you get with a 37 year old—problems. 

Will the Yankees make a run to the playoffs?  Sure?  But, this team needs some serious retooling, sooner rather than later.

John Furgele


2 Responses to “Giambi is Yankees’ Biggest Problem”

  1. Jonny Mac Says:

    Nice Call genius. Giambi is horrible, but Jeter is still a solid ss and is going nowhere yet my friend. Quit hating on the yankees!!

  2. johnny228 Says:

    Nobody is a bigger Jeter supporter than me, he is a first ballot Hall of Famer—bit moving him to first base down the road would make sense.

    Ernie Banks did it; Robin Yount did it; Derek Jeter can do it.

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