Good Bang for the Buck

Tonight, I went to the Albany, NY Times Union Center and watched the semifinals of the Boys Class AA (largest schools) Section 2 basketball tournament.  Both games went down to the wire and were played with great intensity.  And, like most high school sporting events, a couple of players stood out from the rest. 

The best thing about the event was the price of admission.  For $6, you could sit anywhere you wanted and you got two games for that admission.   We all know that professional sports are getting out of hand and it is very difficult for parents to take the children to thesel or even collegiate sporting events, so it’s good to know that there are some values still out there. 

And, you almost feel good about spending the money.  The kids play hard, the coaches coach even harder and the fans are into the games.  Tonight it was two catholic schools playing two public schools, always an intruiging situation. 

Think about it.  Spend $100 or more per ticket to see a Knicks game—most are a disaster—or save $94 or more and see two great high school games.  As Harry Kalas once said in the Alcoa commercials, “You Make the Call.”

The next time you lament the cost of going to a sporting event, why not think about going to a local high school game?  It may just be worth it.

John Furgele


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