Why Not Sign Bonds?

The re-named Tampa Bay Rays have lost 90 or more every games since their 1998 inception.  There is a rumor that says the Rays are interested in signing Barry Bonds for the 2008 season.  Would you do this?

The Rays have nothing to lose here; they have lost enough in their 10 years.  Why not sign him to be their designated hitter with an incentive laden contract?  No special rules, no recliner in the clubhouse, nothing different than the other players. 

A good crowd for a Rays game is 20,000.  If Bonds is playing well, and the young Rays pitchers show some potential, those crowds could grow.  Love him or hate him. Bonds is still a special talent.   If he proves to be a pain or can’t play anymore, cut him.  With an incentive laden contract, he’ll be motivated and he wouldn’t want to suffer from the indignity of being released by the usually lowly Rays.

My hunch is that signing Bonds would be a good move for Tampa Bay.

John Furgele


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