Quick Take: Clemens vs. McNamee

Two things are clear about today’s Congressional hearings regarding the Mitchell Report on steroids in baseball:  somebody is lying and nothing will be settled.  Roger Clemens is a sports idol, perhaps the greatest pitcher in the game.  Brian McNamee is a former cop, a former trainer who says he injected players to help them achieve success in their baseball careers.  Clemens denies ever taking steroids; McNamee swears that he injected Clemens with steroids. 

Many of the committee members want to believe Clemens over McNamee because in American society, Clemens is more important than a guy nobody knows:  a guy like Brian McNamee. 

We also found out that Andy Pettitte, the god fearing, devout Christian also lied, saying in his deposition that he not only took steroids in 2002, he also took them in 2004.  Would a true Christian lie like Pettitte did?  Of course, they would.  All Christians lie, because all people lie.

How can this be this case be such a contrast?  How can one guy say yes, and the other say, no.  How can Pettitte say that he and Clemens talked about HGH and yet, Clemens say that he and Pettitte never did?

Don’t expect perjury charges to happen here, because there really isn’t any proof that one person is lying, the other truthful.  Forget about what Pettitte said; that’s his side of the story.  Just because Pettitte recalled something doesn’t mean it’s truthful either.  Just because Clemens said he never took HGH or any other perfomance enhancing substance doesn’t mean that’s truthful.  Just because McNamee said he injected Clemens several times with drugs, doesn’t mean that’s truthful. 

Until we see proof, we won’t have the truth. 


2 Responses to “Quick Take: Clemens vs. McNamee”

  1. Dumb non fan Says:

    The issue here is $$$$.
    What motivates the other guy?
    Who cares what anyone says or writes about the subject.
    Look at who stands to gain from the argument.
    That is the real story here.
    Further to what any statement is, the reality is if you could make 50M in three years for three shots a year would you do it?

  2. johnny228 Says:

    No, I wouldn’t cheat no matter how much $$$ it meant. When you die, all you have left for others is your reputation. Do something else for a living.

    Who does to stand to gain from the argument? Clemens? McNamee? Politicians?

    The real story is the Hall of Fame. It is easier for Pettitte and Knoblauch to tell the truth because they are not going to the Hall of Fame. For Clemens, his legacy is what he’s trying to protect. He didn’t do a very good job at it today. My goodness, he lied about the Jose Canseco barbecue party. Canseco, Clemens and all the other players are protecting each other, so they are tryting to throw McNamee under the bus. Canseco’s stories change with the weather.

    Clemens is trying the Pete Rose defense. Deny, Deny, Deny and hope you slip into the HOF. How did that work for Rose? I don’t think it will work for Clemens either.

    Thanks for reading.

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