Where Does Giants Win Rank?

The Giants upset was one for the ages—a monumental upset. Not in any order, but here are the all-time shockers in PROFESSIONAL SPORTS.

1) 1969 Mets—they were bad in 1968, finishing 9th out of 10 teams in the National League with a 73-89 record, the first time since their 1962 inception that they didn’t lose at least 95 games.  The ’69 team batted .242 as a team and won 100 games and seven of eight games in the playoffs

2) 1968 Jets—Namath shines in the original and authentic guarantee.  And, he calls every play at the line of scrimmage, simple telling his teammates in the huddle, “check with me.” 

3) 2007 Giants—I have watched the 4th quarter three times and each time I keep waiting for for Tyree to drop the ball. Is David Tyree the football equal of Met 2B Al Weis or does he compare to the catches made by Mets Tommy Agee and Ron Swoboda?

4) The 1960 Pirates—routed in three losses, they pull out four close ones to stun Yankees. This loss still doesn’t sit well with old-time Yankee fans.  Pirates just 78-76 in 1959.

5) The 1990 Cincinnati Reds—when the Reds played Oakland in the World Series, many predicted a sweep. The prediction came true, only it was a sweep by the underdog Little Red Machine.

6) The 2003 Florida Marlins—the 2003 Baseball Final Four consisted of three grand old franchises, the Yanks, BoSox and Cubbies, and the 15,000 fans per game Florida Marlins. Both the Sox and Cubs are within five outs of setting up a World Series that might have garnered a Super Bowl like rating. But, in the end, the team nobody cared about (except me, of course) stuns the Cubs with eight in the eighth in Game 6, routs them in Game 7 and then finishes off the Yankees in the WS with Josh Beckett starting a Tom Brady like coolness in postseason games. 

7) The 2001 New England Patriots—led by unknown QB Tom Brady, the Pats outlast the high flying Rams 20-17.  See number three for comparison.  Like yesterday’s game, the favored Rams score late, but leave enough time on the clock for Brady and Vinatieri.

 8) 1966 Baltimore Orioles—This was the beginning of a great Oriole run, but the Los Angeles Dodgers were the defending champions and still had Koufax (final season) and Drysdale on the hill. The Orioles win Game 1, 5-2. After scoring a run in the bottom of the 3rd in Game 1, the Dodgers would score no more for the next 33 innings, losing in four straight with the last three scores being 6-0, 1-0, 1-0. Wow.

9)  The 1997 Denver Broncos—the Broncos had lots of things going against them.  At 37, Johnny Elway was at the end of his career, they were 11 point underdogs, the Packers were the defending champions, and the NFC had won 13 straight Super Bowls.  But, the Broncos had the running game, and the running back, Terrell Davis who in three quarters rushed for 157 yards on 30 carries in a 31-24 win.   

Can anybody add to the list. Did I miss one?

Johnny Furgele


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