A Can’t Lose Super Bowl

With every Super Bowl comes a story line, and Super Bowl 42 can’t miss.  If the Patriots do as the oddsmakers say and win, you have a story for all-time.  The undefeated, 19-0 New England Patriots, perhaps the greatest football team of all-time.  Books will be written, lore cemented and future generations will ask their parents and grandparents to retell stories of the 2007 New England Patriots.

If the Giants win, the story is just as delicious.  A Giants win could go down as the greatest upset in football history, and if not for the 1980 United States Olympic Hockey Team, the greatest sports upset of them all. 

A Giant win would compare with the best of the best, the upset of upsets:  the 1969 New York Mets, the 1985 Villanova Wildcats, the 2006 Boise State Broncos and many others.  

The game should be an interesting one.  Monday morning may be even more so.

Johnny Furgele


2 Responses to “A Can’t Lose Super Bowl”

  1. Tina G Says:

    It will definitely be one for the record books. Although undefeated, you may recall the somewhat exciting game between the Giants & Pats earlier this season. The Giants were ahead 25-18 in the 4th quarter, and the Pats were nearly stripped of their perfect record. As luck – and skill – would have it, the Pats battled back to keep their perfect winning streak in tact. But for the record, it was a close one. Too close for Tom Brady’s comfort I’m sure.

    Living in CT, this game resembles the split fan base similar to that of a Boston Red Sox v. Yankees World Series. The game should be more than interesting…let’s hope the commercials are too.

    Tina G

  2. johnny228 Says:

    Actually, the Giants led 28-16, before the Pats rallied. I think the Pats will prevail again, but this time, it won’t be as close.

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