Federer’s Loss Good For Tennis

The King….has been beaten.  Roger Federer’s straight set loss to Novak Djokovic in the Australian Open semifinals is actually good—very good for tennis.  Federer may go down as the all-time best tennis player, but seeing him win slam after slam is not good for a sport that has so many talented players. 

Tennis experts say that the sport has never been deeper, yet, in most Grand Slam finals (Australia, French, Wimbledon, United States), Federer wins or gets beat in the French Open final by Rafael Nadal.  If tennis is really that deep, other players have to beat Federer in the finals or even before the finals. 

Djokovic proved that he was the real deal in the U.S. Open final against Federer in 2007, and now he can cement that status with a win over another impressive young player, Frenchman Jo-Wlifried Tsonga.

For the first time in years, there will be great intruige in the Aussie Open final. 

John Furgele


One Response to “Federer’s Loss Good For Tennis”

  1. Geoffrey Zander Says:

    Good stuff Clarke baby!

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