Track Records

This is the fourth time that the New York Giants have won the NFC Championship and played in the Super Bowl.  The record:

1986 NFC Championship:  New York 17 Washington 0*

1990 NFC Championship:  New York 15 San Francisco 13*

2000 NFC Championship:  New York 41 Minnesota 0

2007 NFC Championship:  New York 23 Green Bay 20 (OT)

Super Bowl 21:  New York 39 Denver 20

Super Bowl 25:  New York 20 Buffalo 19

Super Bowl 34:  Baltimore 34 New York 7

This is the sixth time that the New England Patriots have won the AFC Championship and played in the Super Bowl.  Their record.

1985 AFC Championship:  New England 31 Miami 14

1996 AFC Championship:  New England 20 Jacksonville 6

2001 AFC Championship:  New England 24 Pittsburgh 17*

2003 AFC Championship:  New England 24 Indianapolis 14*

2004 AFC Championship:  New England 41 Pittsburgh 27*

2007 AFC Championship:  New England 21 San Diego 12

Super Bowl 20:  Chicago 46 New England 10

Super Bowl 31:  Green Bay 35 New England 21

Super Bowl 36:  New England 20 St. Louis 17

Super Bowl 38:  New England 32 Carolina 29

Super Bowl 39:  New England 24 Philadelphia 21

*won Super Bowl following championship game 

John Furgele 


5 Responses to “Track Records”

  1. jr Says:

    I hate both teams. I want both to lose. But I’m betting on the Pats. This looks like a lock to me. Bet the house, kids, dog, the whole shebang.

    I hate all teams except the Bills. I hate people who live in my town and root for other teams. They are commie, pinko, taliban losers!

    Before I die the Bills must win the Super Bowl. I’m not going till they win!

  2. johnny228 Says:

    That is unfortunate that you hate all teams except the Bills, who let’s face it, are one of the cheapest, penny-pinching organizations in professional sports. And, oh-by-the-way, the Sabres may be even cheaper. Both team will be gone by 2018.

    I never understood how a person could live in an area all of their life, ie, Buffalo and have another favorite footbal or hockeyl team, but now that I am older, I can see why.

    The local sports fan can be over-the-top nauseauting. They think that the the local team is the only team and you’re mentally off if you don’t agree.

    Last year’s Buffalo Sabres team was the epitomy of this. When I went back to Buffalo, everybody was mortgaging the house to buy Sabre tickets and Sabres garb. Then, after they lost to Ottawa, everybody jumped off the bandwagon so fast. Can’t you see where the neutral fan can be sickened by those actions.

    It can make some locals actually root against the Sabres. Last year, when the Sabres won, everybody had them going all the way. When they lost, everybody called in to WGR to say that they lacked this and never had that. Even Buffalo News sports columnist Bucky Gleason let his fanhood show by saying that the better team didn’t win and the reason that Ottawa beat Buffalo was because Buffalo lacked heart. A sports writer is supposed to objective here, but Gleason clearly was showing his rooting interest—-that is a complete no-no.

    if you love sports, you have to watch all the big games and the Super Bowl is the biggest sports event in the United States. If the Patriots win, they finish a perfect season; if the Giants win, it will be one of sports all-time greatest upsets, ala the 1969 Mets, and the 1985 Villanova Wildcats.

    Instead of hating the teams, enjoy the moment.

  3. jr Says:

    I still hate all teams except the Bills and Sabres. I never jumped off any bandwagons (I don’t even know what a bandwagon looks like but if I see one and hop on it, I won’t jump off it).

    I pity the fool who don’t root for my teams (I borrowed that from Mr. T).

    I don’t want people living in my town who don’t root for my team. “You’re either with me, or against me!”.

    As Forrest Gump said “that’s all I got to say about that!”.

  4. Tina G Says:

    Let’s be honest for honest’s sakes here…i grew up rooting for the Sabres, Bills and long since defunct Buffalo Braves NBA team…you can root all you want, but when the Bills go to the ‘BIG SHOW’ 4 straight years (including the loss due to the infamous Scott Norwood kick to the Giants) and can’t bring home a win you have to question the talent, the coaching, funding, etc.. They may likely never be a powerhouse team like the Giants or the Pats – and that’s just the plain truth. My dad always said ‘it doesn’t matter how many times they go to the SHOW – they’ll never win,”…so far it’s been a self fulfilling prophecy.

    i left Buffalo nearly 15 years ago, and i have embraced both the Pats and the Giants (hey, you can’t even see a televised Bills game here – it’s hard to be a fan when you can’t watch them play). NEVER the Jets (in my mind, they are not a TRUE NY state team as they play their home games in the Meadowlands in Jersey.

    It’s hard to be with “your team” when they’re really not much of a team. Fanship won’t bring them the wins – the talent and superior game play will….and until that happens they will continue to lose.

    tina g

  5. johnny228 Says:

    Don’t discount what the Bills did from 1990-1993. To win four consecutive AFC Championships will likely never be done again in the NFL—-or any sport for that matter. Yes, they did not capture the ultimate prize, but life is supposed to be about competing, trying and doing your best, and for the Bills to come back to the Super Bowl year after year shows that drive and determination. It took years, but now that time has passed, the football gurus are finally beginning to respect what the Bills did.

    Ask the Detroit Lions, Cleveland Browns, New Orleans Saints and Arizona Cardinals fans about losing Super Bowls. Those four teams have never played in one. I’d rather lose four than never be in one.

    Forget about the New York/New Jersey thing. The Jets are actually incorporated and headquartered in Hempstead, Long Island, while the Giants are incorporated in New Jersey, so to be technical the Jets are more New York. That will all change when the new stadium is built in New Jersey!

    That said, the Meadowlands is eight miles from Manhattan, closer than many places in New York.

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