The NFL: Still the King

The NFL is virtually bullet-proof and continues to be more popular the ever.  Here are the ratings for last weekend’s Divisional Playoffs.

Seattle at Green Bay  18.5

Jacksonville at New England  20.0 (remember Saturday night is historically a bad night for TV mainly because it’s date night).

San Diego at Indianapolis  21.2

New York at Dallas  25.8

The 25.8 rating for a Sunday afternoon game is incredible.  After the Super Bowl, the only shows that will come to close and possible excced that rating are the Academy Awards and possibly the American Idol final, but AI may be past its peak.

The Conference Championship Games will be hard pressed to top the Giants-Dallas game, but the NFC Championship Game should do at least a 22.0 because New York is involved and there is the Brett Favre factor.  Throw in 5 degree temperatures should make for a ratings winner.

Last Monday’s BCS Championship Game garnered a 15.6 overnight rating and even though the 2008 was down 17 percent from last year, it still beats all other sporting events, including the World Series.

John Furgele


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