Gossage Tells The Truth

Newly elected baseball Hall of Famer didn’t pull any punches at his press conference, saying that “he would have likely done steroids,” if they were available during his playing days.  He went on to further say that the money is so good today, that players are willing to do anything to stay at the major league level or in the case of Barry Bonds and perhaps Roger Clemens, flourish there. 

Gossage’s honesty is as refreshing as it is troubling.  A few years ago, Olympic athletes were asked “if you could take a substance, win a Gold medal and not caught, but you would die at 55 because of it, would you do it?”  Over 80 percent of the athletes sad yes, that they would. 

Had steroids been available, Gossage may have tried them.  Pete Rose told Dennis Miller, “if steroids were available to me, I would have had 5,000 hits” (he finished with 4,256).  Everybody in the audience laughed, but this is why drug use is a major concern.

There is too much pressure on the player to not try these substances.  This is why all sports, not just baseball, has to conduct real tests—blood tests—to weed out those who are not playing by the rules.

If players already in the pros are thinking about doing these substances, what do you think is going through the mind of the collegiate and high school players?

John Furgele


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