Plus One Not the Answer

Associated Press college football writer Ralph Russo is reporting that the BCS will seriously consider a plus-one system when negotiating their next TV contract.  The talk is that the BCS would seed the top four teams and have 1 play 4 in one bowl game and 2 play 3 in another bowl game with the winners playing a week later in the BCS title game.

Once again, this will not work.  There are six BCS conferences and five other conferences, so what does a plus-one system do? For starters,  it eliminates two BCS conference champions and the winners of five other conferences.  If the plus one was used this year, the three teams that were most impressive in their bowls—USC, West Virginia and Georgia—would have been left out.  That would solve nothing.

The plus-one is actually worse than the current system.  There are two options.  One, is to keep the system “as is.”  Two, is to create a 16 team playoff where each conference champion—all 11—gets a berth along with five at-larges and then let them go at it. 

But, college football has always been different.  They have always played their bowl games and then let the voters pick who they thought was the best team at the end of the season. 

Still don’t think that’s going to change anytime soon.

John Furgele


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