Giant Relief

The New York Giants got a huge monkey off its collective back when they beat the hapless Tampa Bay Buccaneers 24-14 in the NFC Wild Card Playoff.  Eli Manning played with the poise and confidence that one would expect from a number one overall draft pick.  It seems like if the weather is good and the wind is minimal, Manning flourishes as he did on Sunday.

Personally, Tom Coughlin’s job should have never been in jeopardy even before this game, as he and the Giants are one of only three teams—-New England and Indianapolis—to make the playoffs the last three years, but this win should all but guarantee a contract extension for Coughlin and most of his staff. 

The Giants are still a live wire in the NFC playoffs.  They will go into Dallas next Sunday playing with “house money,” but very confident that they can win in Big D.  The Giants believe that they will win the NFC Championship.  Not sure if that will happen, but the Cowboys and Packers aren’t scary teams like Indy and New England are that is for sure. 

The pressure is on Dallas, not New York, so watch out, the Giants might play even better next Sunday.

John Furgele


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