Bowls Could Have Better

January 1 is already behind us.   Yesterday, there were six college football bowl games, and for the most part, they were duds.  It was nice to Michigan send Lloyd Carr into retirement on a winning note, but Florida was a three loss team, an SEC also-ran.  And, count me as one of those who doesn’t think Heisman winner Tim Tebow is a bonafide pro.  He isn’t.

USC, as expected, handled Illinois, and Georgia made sure that Hawaii would not be the Boise State of 2008.  Once again, the BCS got it wrong.  The Rose Bowl should have pitted USC and Georgia.  Missouri ended a very successful season on a high note with their Cotton Bowl rout over Arkansas and those ugly all red uniforms, and Tennessee won the Outback Bowl.  The saddest part was seeing all of the empty seats at the Gator Bowl in Jacksonville, which leads me to a question.  Why Jacksonville?  This is not a great football city.  They have to cover the corner seats in the upperdeck for the NFL Jaguars and both the ACC Championship Game and the Gator Bowl played to well less of capacity.  Could it be time to move both games or at least the ACC title game?

I still long for the days when New Year’s Day consisted of the just the Big Four:  Cotton, Sugar, Rose and Orange.  Let’s be honest; the Outback, Gator, and Capital One bowls do not belong on New Year’s Day, nor does the Cotton Bowl for that matter.  Why not put the Sugar and Fiesta on at Noon and 2 PM respectively; the Rose at 5 PM and the Orange at 8 PM. 

Ahh, the good old days. 

John Furgele


4 Responses to “Bowls Could Have Better”

  1. jr Says:

    I didn’t even watch one bowl game. Could care less. I didn’t go to any of those schools so why would I care what any of them do. When UB gets in a bowl game, then I’ll care!

  2. johnny228 Says:

    That’s why America is a great country. You get to choose. But, you would watch if Buffalo got in one, so there is some interest if the situation is right.

  3. jellyhead Says:

    i just think it would be prudent to develop a playoff format. there has to be a way to distribute the money

  4. johnny228 Says:

    I think everybody would like a nice 16 team playoff, but there are manyproblems.

    1) The Big 10/PAC 10 and Rose Bowl refuse to enter into playoff talks.

    2) The BCS (currently 66 schools) would have to relinquish control of college football to the NCAA.

    3) The NCAA then would take the playoff money and spread it with all 340 Division I schools.

    4) If you’re the BCS do you want to divide millions of dollars by 66 or 340?

    It is up to the TV networks to decide when a playoff becomes reality. If they refuse to bid on extending the current BCS bowl system, then the college presidents will give in and say that “a playoff is what America wants.” But, as long as there is another FOX willing to bid hundreds of millions of dollars for the right to cover the three BCS bowls and the BCS Championship Game, you won’t see a playoff time anytime soon. Remember, the Rose Bowl has its own TV deal with ESPN/ABC.

    Thanks for the comment.

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