Bowl Bonanza

As we know, most sports fans want to see a College Football playoff.  In order for one to work successfully, it would have to be a full-fledged 16 team playoff with automatic berths given to the 11 conferences that make up Division 1-A football.  If you have a playoff that doesn’t, for example, include 12-0 WAC champ Hawaii and 10-2 Mountain West champ Brigham Young, then it’s not a real playoff and lawsuits will likely be filed by the five non-BCS conferences.

That said, the current bowl system does not bother me.  College Football is unique.  There are 32 bowl games (yes, that’s too many), but they give 64 teams a chance to be rewarded by being wined and dined by the bowl organizers.  A playoff just adds more and more pressure to these 18-23 year olds—do they need it?  And, after making their respective schools billions of dollars during the regular season, what’s wrong with giving them some goodies and some good meals for their hard work, and letting them have a little fun in Miami, Pasadena, Fort Worth, or Dallas?

In America, we have playoffs and crown champions.  College Football is like the English Premier League.  In the EPL, each of the 20 teams plays 38 games (home and home with everybody).  At the end of the 38 game season, the team with the most points is the champion.  No playoffs, no championship series, just a coronation of the team that earned the most points.  College Football does the same thing except at the end of the season, they pluck 64 teams and put them in a one game bowl somewhere across the United States.  At the end of these bowl games, the judges pick the team they think is the best, a glorified beauty paegeant if you will.  There really isn’t a true champion.  Americans don’t like that.  It makes them feel incomplete.  It angers them.  More importantly, it frustrates them.

College Football at this point doesn’t really care about how Americans feel.  They have their system, their TV contracts, tremendous attendance and pretty good TV ratings, so don’t expect a playoff system anytime soon. 

And, you know what?  That’s not a bad thing. 

John Furgele


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