Too Much on Winning

Last night Bryant Gumbel asked Cris Collinsworth, “if the Pats go 16-0 and don’t win the Super Bowl, can they take pride in what they accomplished?”  To no one’s surprise, Collinsworth said, “no, that they must win it all.”  Gumbel then said “really?”  We live in a win-it-all or you’re nothing society and to me, that’s sad.  If the Pats lose, they will be called chokers or some other sports talk term, but they did accomplish something that no other NFL team did:  they went 16-0.

John Furgele


One Response to “Too Much on Winning”

  1. jr Says:


    That’s the way it should be. 16-0 and no superbowl win makes the record meaningless. The whole point is they have supposedly set the standard of greatness. But how can you be the greatest when you can’t win the big one that same year?

    We’re not talking about some high school kids playing. These are the best of the best and they get paid huge bucks to be the best. If they don’t want to be called chokers, then they have to win it all.

    My money is on them to win it all. To me, they are the best team that ever played. But I will take that back if they don’t close the deal.

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